Clarence Fanto: 37 Interlaken dangling a mighty big carrot in front of Stockbridge townsfolk

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LENOX — At least $2 million in new tax revenue for Stockbridge. As many as 150 to 200 well-paying year-round jobs, with more in the prime tourism season. A $150 million investment.

That’s the mighty big carrot being dangled in front of townsfolk by the development team at 37 Interlaken, which seeks to restore the now decrepit DeSisto Mansion off Route183 and expand it into a 40- to 50-room high-end hotel. Elsewhere on the property — though 210 of the 320 acres would remain open space — six buildings would house 139 condo units that owners could rent out.

And the icing on the cake proposed by property owner Patrick Sheehan and his partner, Cape Cod resort developer Tony Guthrie: 34 single-family homes and a working farm to supply guests and property residents.

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