How You Can Help

The 37 Interlaken Project needs the support of voters in the Town of Stockbridge if it is to become a reality. While May 2018 seems like a long time from today, it is really a very short time. Stockbridge voters need to understand our project and support it by attending Town Meeting next May. The time for action is now! We need the voters to vote in the affirmative for the Bylaw changes that will help 37 Interlaken Project become a reality. We can only do this with your help and support and by keeping the lines of communication open and transparent.

Here are some ways you can help secure this wonderful project for Stockbridge.

  • Let us know any questions you may have
  • Talk to your neighbors about how important this project is for the future of Stockbridge
  • Encourage those in support of the Project to vote in the Town Meeting
  • Write a letter of support to the Selectmen, town leaders and/or the local paper
  • Let us know of any meetings or other gatherings where we may share information on the Project
  • Sign up for our mailing list so we can keep you informed of project developments

We understand the challenges the Town faces balancing smart growth and preserving the essence of
Stockbridge and the Berkshire region as a whole. We also understand the natural tendency to not have material changes in a community many have known and loved for years. Regardless of whether this project is embraced, the Town of Stockbridge is changing. The 37 Interlaken Road project represents a significant opportunity for the Town to not only embrace this change but to ensure Stockbridge’s continuing vitality and take advantage of the rapidly growing hospitality industry. This cannot be done with small, tentative steps.

We are passionate about Stockbridge and its future, and the role the 37 Interlaken project could have. We believe a resort of this type can be a material anchor for the further development of tourism in this beautiful area and further the expansion of the area’s tourism-based economy. While the project celebrates the history of the area, it can be a critical and material part of Stockbridge’s future evolution.