Letter: Mired, aging Stockbridge missing an opportunity

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To the editor:

The problem, when you get lawyers involved, is that things become more complicated than they need to be. Oh, and they take forever. In the meantime, our great town of Stockbridge continues to be mired in broken-down infrastructure.

As other towns embrace change and look toward the future, our town remains mired in meetings and power struggles. If I were a millennial, I certainly wouldn’t want to live here. As our population ages and shrinks, it becomes more apparent to me that change is needed desperately. Or we will end up as part of Lenox.

37 Interlaken is a brilliant concept backed by real capital that will increase the younger population and steady the tax roll. We are fools to object to it. It is imperative that we think long term, and ignore the short-term noise.

Jon Budish,


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