Your Questions/Our Answers: Environmental Impact

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It’s our pledge to re-create our property with high respect and minimal impact to the environment. The natural setting under Yokun Ridge is the cornerstone feature of the property, and our plans are crafted around smart growth that preserves the essence of this sensitive area.

Here are examples of our plan’s commitment to minimal environmental impact:

  • Of the property’s 318 acres, less than one-third will ultimately be developed.
  • 15 acres will be transformed into a working farm, a productive yet low-impact use of our land.
  • Our goal is to leave untouched any areas of the property protected by the Scenic Mountains Act.
  • No development will take place between the historic Beckwith mansion and Route 183.
  • To reduce exposed, impervious pavement, we will maintain parking for condominiums underground, beneath the residences.
  • Extreme care will be taken to protect wetlands and old growth forests and trees.
  • Natural property boundaries will be preserved and enhanced to maintain privacy for neighbors.
  • All buildings are being sited on the property for the least possible environmental impact.

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