Response to Opperman Letter: Perserving Stockbridge’s Future, Preserving Tradition

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To the editor:

We write in reply to Kathleen Wade Opperman’s April 19 letter, “Many unanswered questions about DeSisto proposal.” Ms. Opperman raises good questions about infrastructure that will be, and must be, addressed by our engineers, architect, legal counsel and other experts in collaboration with the town of Stockbridge.
We agree with Ms. Opperman’s statement that the bylaws and zoning “have kept the town a beautiful and well-maintained community” and it is in our intent to create a residential and visitor community that reflects this tradition. Part of Stockbridge’s tradition are its unique historic properties, which today can only be preserved and protected by tapping their potential as residential, tourism and business destinations. Our plans take a responsible step in moving this tradition into the future.

At this point, our project needs collaboration and leadership among town leaders and residents to help make it reality. Not only will this collaboration help to preserve and maintain a significant piece of history, but the town stands to benefit substantially from much-needed new tax revenue.

A subcommittee is being appointed in town to review the zoning bylaws, including the Cottage Era Estate bylaws. We ask town leaders to set a clear and reasonable timeline for completing this review. We ask town residents to encourage this process, which we trust will preserve the traditions referenced by Ms. Opperman while allowing for creative, tax-generating uses of historic sites in town.

Patrick Sheehan and Tony Guthrie


April 29, 2017

The writers are business partners in the development proposal for the former DeSisto School project in Stockbridge

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