As our vision unfolds, we have established the following goals to guide our plan:

Preserve the natural beauty of the property, with farming as the focal point.

Unlike some sprawling resort projects that dramatically alter the landscape, our plan preserves most of the property’s 320 wild acres. Tree cover is maintained, mountainous areas untouched, and walking trails are improved for public use. Our on-site organic farm answers interest in farm-to-table food enhances neighbor-to-neighbor interaction and fosters a healthy, engaged community.

aerial view of wild acreage at 37 Interlaken

Restore the mansion to its historical elegance, create flexible hotel/condominium suites, and construct a single family home neighborhood.

The restored mansion will anchor the architecture as a country inn with 40-50 guest rooms and suites, and its cottage-era aesthetic inspires the design for the remaining property. Our condominium units will be set beside and behind the mansion. Houses are tucked to the rear, within the trees, and the mansion’s beloved front lawn is preserved.

mock up drawing of the mansion upon completion

Contribute substantially to Stockbridge and the Berkshire region.

A year-round residential community and family-oriented resort can curb declining local population, offer 150-200 secure, year-round jobs, and generate approximately $2 million in annual property taxes and other revenue will support the town.

mock up drawing of aerial view of mansion upon completion

Collaborate with neighbors, town residents, and local officials to create a viable, mutually beneficial plan.

We are meeting with town residents, local business leaders and town officials to support zoning changes that permit smart growth at Gilded Age estates such as ours. We will continue to work collaboratively with the town on this important project. We encourage community input. Click here to submit your ideas, comments or concerns.

mock up drawing of aerial view of project upon completion