Oktoberfest deals 2019

Oktoberfest deals 2019

Jump to navigation. Clink your beer steins to Oktoberfest, the world s largest fair and one of the best festivals in Germany. Though it may be famous for its huge beer steins and rowdy beer tents, Oktoberfest has much more to offer. Link arms with the locals and swing to the oompahpah of Bavarian bands, marvel at traditional yodelling, admire colourful costumes, enjoy the open-air concerts and try some hearty German food served with a good dollop of Bavarian hospitality. To organise travel to the event, contact a Flight Centre Travel Expert on for assistance or use the form below.

Oktoberfest - Munich Germany

Best to discover it on one of our Oktoberfest tour packages! Discover the world with our vast selection of multi-day group tours. If you want to explore the world but are not sure where to start, a Discovery tour is your best bet. What better way to spend your holiday than taking a bike tour? Pass through the surreal landscapes of France or Italy and get more about the culture and meet the locals all on two wheels.

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Start your next holiday with a tour that will suit your travel style and budget. Our happy customers around the world 4. Oktoberfest Tours Facts Essentials Inspiration. The Highlights of Oktoberfest. The Club of Munich Brewers maintains strict regulations on exactly which brands of beer can be served at the festival. They must adhere to the Bavarian Purity Laws established in and they must be brewed within Munich city limits.

All of the tents offer wine, and some also offer cider. While the Oktoberfest beer is the primary attraction, the Bavarian eats come in close second and taste even more divine after a beer or two. Oktoberfest showcases 14 spectacular tents with 1, - 8, seats which are owned by various restaurants, breweries and other establishments. There are also a number of smaller tents and beer gardens in the vicinity. All tents are unique and have their own charm, so if you have the time, we recommend trying to check them all out!

The tents serve Bavarian beers, traditional eats, and are booming with live music throughout the day and night. Popular Oktoberfest tours packages. Experience the largest beer festival worldwide. Taste some traditional German food. Explore the streets of Munich. Try out different German brews. Feast on sauerkraut and weisswurst.

Sample delicious German brews. Make your way around beer tents. Wear traditional German outfits. See all 53 Tours. Oktoberfest Facts. When is Oktoberfest? But what might come as a surprise to many, today, Oktoberfest actually starts in September in order to take advantage of a few more weeks of warmer weather.

Where is Oktoberfest? Although Oktoberfest celebrations happen all around the world, the official party takes place in Munich, Germany, at the fairground in Theresienwiese. What should I wear to Oktoberfest? Embrace the Bavarian culture by sporting your very own Bavarian outfit! Having the right outfit for the festival is key. The tracht attire consists of the male lederhosen and the female dirndl.

Lederhosen are leather breeches which are either knee length or shorter and can be worn with or without suspenders. A dirndl is a traditional dress which consists of a bodice, blouse, full skirt and apron. The colours are typically rich and dark. Why is Oktoberfest celebrated? Oktoberfest dates back to the marriage celebration of Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese in On this special day, the people of Munich were invited to participate in the celebration which was held for five days on the fields in front of the city gates.

From that day on, the festivities have continued more or less on an annual basis. Where can I stay during Oktoberfest? You should book accommodations as far in advance as possible, preferably by May. By summertime, many hotels are fully booked. As Oktoberfest approaches, room prices can triple. Since getting a taxi can be difficult during Oktoberfest, it is advisable to book accommodations within walking distance of the festival if possible.

There are many hotels around the central Hauptbahnhof metro station which are within walking distance of the festival. Is Oktoberfest free? The enormous folk festival is free to enter, and the main drawcard of Oktoberfest is — not surprisingly — the beer tents. There are 14 major tents, plus 20 smaller tents, and they all have their own claims to fame.

Each tent is managed individually and has its own speciality, but they all share welcoming atmospheres, tables full of drinkers, traditional entertainment and hearty food. Oktoberfest Essentials Invest in a traditional lederhosen or dirndl! Other tours you might like River Cruise. Which one is right for you? Sebastian P. Stoke Travel 4. Contiki 4. Thirsty Swagman 4. Smart Trip 3. Travel Talk 4. Bus2alps 4. Euroadventures 4. Topdeck 4. PP Travel 4. Busabout 4. We use cookies to enhance your TourRadar experience which help us analyze traffic and provide you with personalized content and ads.

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Oktoberfest tours in Germany

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Best to discover it on one of our Oktoberfest tour packages! Discover the world with our vast selection of multi-day group tours. If you want to explore the world but are not sure where to start, a Discovery tour is your best bet. What better way to spend your holiday than taking a bike tour? Pass through the surreal landscapes of France or Italy and get more about the culture and meet the locals all on two wheels. Enjoy the vineyards in Tuscany or Bordeaux, the mountains in Vermont and the endless fields of lavender in Provence.


The email or password you entered isn t correct. If you ve forgotten your password, please reset it. Click here. From USD Our group had a great time on our Oktoberfest tour!!

Oktoberfest - Munich Forum

The Munich Oktoberfest Munich Beerfest is one of the most famous events and the world s largest fair. Oktoberfest will be no exception. With some six million people attending every year, it is an important part of Bavarian culture. Think Disneyland for people of adult age. Think must do! Munich s Oktoberfest began life as a wedding for the Bavarian crown prince Ludwig to princess Therese from Saxony-Hildburghausen hence the name of the Theresienwiese on October 12, and attended by the local community. Today the Munich Beerfest traditionally takes place during the sixteen days up to and including the first Sunday in October with Oktoberfest starting on Saturday, 21st of September until Sunday, 6th of October. Read on about the history of the Munich Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest Dates Oktoberfest

How to Survive Oktoberfest

Heading to our first Oktoberfest next year. How do we go about getting reservations in one of the large beer tents? There are 4 of us, and we will only have days for the festival and would like to plan ahead as much as possible. Forget about reservations. New customers can normally get only weekday lunchtime tables. At that time there is plenty of space in the tent anyway, and you can sit in the unreserved section, where you will be allowed to stay all evening, instead of being kicked out by 4pm. As said, just plan your days in Munich so that you can go to the fest M-Th.


Every year in Munich the Theresienwiese or Wiesn for short fairgrounds explode in a kaleidoscope of colour, rides, performances, music and - of course - beer. They re specially brewed for Oktoberfest by six local breweries in celebration of Bavarian culture and THAT liquid gold. Oktoberfest s roots go back to the royal wedding of the Crown Prince Ludwig on 12 October And although called Oktoberfest, it actually kicks off in September as a nod the testy autumn weather in Germany. This year s event runs from 22 September until 7 October and if you haven t booked your tour yet you re in luck as there s still spots with these tour operators. Famous for being party and youth specialists, Contiki offers Oktoberfest tours for all travel styles and budgets. Stay in style in hotels or go on a shoestring and camp with your new travel group. It s up to you.

Oktoberfest - Beer tents - Munich Forum

I m doing some early planning for next year s trip. I want to attend Oktoberfest to celebrate a big birthday. As we ve been in Munich before, we ll only spend two nights and then see some parts of Germany that are new to us. I found a great deal on booking. The reviews seem good, there is transportation nearby and they don t require three nights. Am I missing something? We are two 70 year olds, if that matters. That location doesn t look too bad to me. It s next to a cemetary so it should be reasonably quiet. Also, the walk to Pasing S-Bahn is almost 1 km.

This incredible beer festival in Bavaria, Germany, is the biggest European festival of the year and runs from mid-September to early October. Enjoy the world s best beer, great food and a carnival atmosphere!

Oktoberfest Deals

If you re looking for an excuse to wear knee-high socks and suspenders, Germany s Oktoberfest will give you so much more than you imagine. Parties, pork, playgrounds of amusement rides - this is a festival like no other. With little time spent back at your digs, you might as well camp! And leave your schedule flexible by meeting us in Munich. Let s start our day with ateam scream at the Bavarian capital of Munich this morning. Get comfortable in our new digs, and use the remainder of this day to catch up on rest or start joining the festivities, depending on your level of determination to make every minute count. But first, an orientation of the city, and your chance to pick up a dirndl or lederhosen for those keen to dress like the locals. Here are some facts to get you in the know: There are 14 main tents, the biggest holding 11, party people, so get your checklist as you make your way through as many as you can. It s been said that each year over 7. So help those statistics and get eating! This is your chance to experience first hand the famous antics of a year old beer fest. Take advantage of the additional activities up for grabs to mix things up and ensure you see the full picture of the city. You can get a fix on the ins and outs of the city with an optional bike tour of the city to get all new views and take a break from the beer tents.

The biggest and most anticipated beer festival in the world. Attended by more than 6 million people each year Oktoberfest is held in the German city of Munich. Around 7. Make sure you pack your Lederhosen for the men and Dirndl for the ladies. Join the fun with Contiki on an Oktoberfest tour and get all your breakfasts included, regular transfers from accommodation to festival site, experienced festival crew with all the Oktoberfest travel know-how, plus a guided walking tour of Munich to get you started. Munich is a beautiful city rich in history and Bavarian culture. And for breathtaking views of the city, climb to the top of the 91 metre steeple of the Church of St Peter. Choose to camp in large tents, multi-share in a comfortable hostel or upgrade to a hotel for a few more frills. Camping roomy tents with comfy air mattress. Hostel share a room with your new besties.

One of the world s largest beer-centric congregations, Oktoberfest attracts thousands of people from across the continent to Munich, with the intention of celebrating Bavaria s historic culture whilst enjoying flagons of the region s finest beers. Beer tents aside - ranging from small festivities to larger scale people capacities - the live music, funfair, parades, and traditional German cuisines make the entire city of Munich the world s biggest party for a few weeks each Autumn. Munich hosts beer tents, fairs and markets galore, as Oktoberfest sprawls across the city centre and transforms it into an urban festival like no other. Airport Franz-Josef-Strauss is just 20km north of Munich. Both journeys should take around 45 minutes. Oktoberfest welcomes people of all ages, with some days dubbed "family days", offering cheaper fares on the amusement rides. Those under 18 will not be served alcohol. There are a number of accommodation packages to suit all budgets available within the Stoke Travel Campsite, just a short journey from the beer halls by public transport. The campsite will include bars and food stalls, shower facilities, laundry room, cooking facilities, recreation room, small self-service shop and tourist information. The campsite will also feature its own parties!

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