Sc johnson coupons by mail

Sc johnson coupons by mail

Do you want a Colgate Kids Gift Set for free? Take the survey to see if you qualify. Sign up and see if you qualify in a few days of taking the survey below. And most of the time you do not have to qualify with painful surveys; but you do have to share your address other companies know where to send the free stuff! The owners of this website may receive compensation for recommendations made in reference to the products or services on this website.

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Years ago, when I still drank Diet Coke, I opened up a can that tasted funny. It tasted closer to seltzer than Diet Coke, so I called the customer complaint line on the back. After a brief conversation, where I read them some information off the can, they sent me this glossy coupon for a free pack of Diet Coke cans. Fast forward a few years, just as in-flight Wi-fi was just becoming popular, I emailed a complaint to Southwest about how their in-flight Wi-fi didn t work.

I didn t throw a fit, I just sent a polite email to their customer service about how the wi-fi probably wasn t ready for prime time yet. I was looking for a refund of the access fee, but they did one better… well, a hundred better. I m not sharing some secret when I say that complaining about bad service will get you something. We all know that complaining works.

What if a company is so great so often that you never have any reason to complain? What if I just started complimenting every company I liked to see what it would get me? All good projects have a name, ours is The Flattery Project. I identified about forty companies whose products I enjoyed or someone in our family enjoyed and emailed their customer service a compliment. I sent each company roughly the same template email:. I ve been a long time buyer of [product, service] and can t imagine buying anything else.

I know a lot of folks probably email to complain and it can be tough responding to those, so I thought I d add a little sunshine. I don t know if you have any samples or coupons you could send my way but I d be most appreciative to try more of your products. I made some edits to the email from place to place. I didn t ask for samples from restaurants, for example, but for the most part I kept to that same template.

In the process, I learned a lot of brands are owned by the same major conglomerates. Some major conglomerates were more generous than others. Every PepsiCo brand sent us something. Some companies never replied — which was very surprising. Best Swag: Nespresso There was one standout response… and I wasn t surprised. Hi Nespressoans, I just wanted to write you a message thanking you for such a great product.

I was first introduced to one of your brewers while staying at a very nice hotel in Manhattan. When we returned home, my wife gave me one of your machines as a gift and I haven t looked back. We love the high quality coffee it produces and just wanted to say thank you. Cheers, Jim. To which they replied with something polite… but I thought I might push the envelope…. Hi [name of representative], Thank you for the quick reply to my email, I was wondering if you guys had any Nespresso swag so I can show off my love of your product?

I am glad to hear you love Nespresso. I understand you would like to know if we can offer you any items to show off to your friends. We usually do not provide free gifts. However, as a one-time courtesy, I will send you a gift at no charge. They sent a pair of Cappuccino Cups and saucers. They re pretty wonderful and I use them all the time. A thoughtful card from Todd B. I sent in an email which, truthfully, told them how much I loved their products.

Mostly… I sometimes forget I have a mug of tea that I left there with the bag I know, steeped it too long! All in all, it was a fun little experiment and a little peek into the customer service workings of a few companies. If you want to do this to get free stuff, you can. Coupons are plentiful. Samples too sometimes. In terms of ROI on your time, it s probably not worth it…. Jim has a B. One of his favorite tools is Personal Capital , which enables him to manage his finances in just minutes each month.

They also offer financial planning, such as a Retirement Planning Tool that can tell you if you re on track to retire when you want. It s free. He is also diversifying his investment portfolio by adding a little bit of real estate. But not rental homes, because he doesn t want a second job, it s diversified small investments in a mix of properties through Fundrise. Worth a look and he s already made investments that have performed according to plan.

This is pretty interesting to see how the companies reply. Instead of emailing the companies I sent physical letters. A few years ago, someone did something similar and got all sorts of stuff. Jim, Great article thanks for sharing. I got two picture of their racing team two cups a jimmy johns flag and a ten dollar gift card. Jim, Really enjoyed reading this. Nancy foreword by Jerry Seinfeld. Pre-email days. Google images has some samples to read. A couple of years ago I sent an email to Hy-Vee a pricey supermarket in the mid-west saying how much I loved Hy-Vee and their customer service and to keep up the great work.

I called up the manager and thanked him for the gift card. It was seriously nice of them and very thoughtful. I like contacting companies and giving them compliments on the products I buy from them. At first, my intention was just to thank them for the wonderful products I consume. What I ended up getting? A bunch of free samples and more coupons.

Ever since then, I have taken the time to thank them because of the quality of their products, the satisfaction I get from them, among others. The truth is, it only takes a couple of minutes to pay companies compliments. Whether I get coupons, free samples, or nothing, I still thank them because I get to use the products that I really like.

The freebies and coupons are just bonuses. This is a fantastic post Jim! Very basic and yet very profound. People like to be appreciated and they almost always reciprocate. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. This is a very interesting idea! Not that I recommend it, but I wonder if you would get even more swag if you complained to each of those companies like how you complained to Coke? Perhaps they have an even greater motivation to satisfy an unhappy consumer?

I would argue that sending praise or thank you notes to achieve an end swag, coupons, etc. Customer Service staff have plenty going on with their real customers. That companies would not catch on when they receive the exact same email from multiple people… While compliments are always appreciated, when they are based on fake motivations those compliments are empty. If you are interested in coupons, how about just ask for them? All he did was say that he liked the products that he actually uses and truly likes, then asked for coupons.

Why all the hate? False accusations, slander, and yucky vibes—shame on you! I love the whole premise of this — that you took a positive view toward products rather than just taking the easy road of complaining! I thought I was being clever. I really love this idea! It is such a tough job, they deserve it! But I had something happen quite good happen a couple of weeks ago.

And for the 2nd year in a row it had increased in price. Quite dramatically to be frank. Woman said we can match that. Then I said I had a compliment about one of their drivers who a few weeks earlier had used the hydraulic lifter 4 times to ensure ALL the rubbish had fallen out. Made me as happy as Larry. Very cool concept, thanks for putting this all together. This is fantastic! I think it would be awesome to do for a whole bunch of startup companies that I love just to spread the love, not necessarily get anything in return.

SC Johnson Cleaners- As low as 14¢ after Rebate

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How to get coupons mailed to you in Canada.

Don t forget mobile users can print Coupons. Now through Dec. Johnson products at Walmart using some free coupons to lower the cost! The items have to be purchased all together at once and you ll need to then take a picture of your receipt and text it email it to holidaycard drvusa. I also found 22 free printable S. Johnson coupons and put them together on one page.

How to receive free manufacturer coupons by mail

My name is Michelle and I am a stay-at-home-mom to two very busy boys. I love to save money and try to get the most for the least amount of money! I hope this site helps you stock your cart without breaking your budget. Remember, Publix is a fantastic place to shop! They have fantastic customer service and even better deals. With just a little bit of effort I think you will find that you can save BIG! Submit questions, comments, advertising inquiries or deals using the form below.

Get Ready For The Holidays With Great Deals On Your Favorite SC Johnson Products At Publix

Excludes 8 oz. Excludes 2 oz. See more info. Excludes K-Cups. Excludes Daisy 2ct. Excludes bio: Excludes disposables. Clean Clean Freak Products. Excludes 4. Excludes Sensor 2 ct and Venus products.


Couponing has become a popular way to save money. There are television shows, radio shows and numerous blogs about saving money through couponing. Coupons can be found in the newspaper, magazines, online and in the U. Some companies such as Costco will send you a coupon booklet just because you are a member of their shopping club. There are coupon books, such as the Entertainment Book, that can be purchased online and mailed to you. There are also many free coupon books you can order online to be shipped to you via the U.

¢ each for Pledge, Ziploc & Windex! Awesome deals on S.C. Johnson products @ Publix!

Companies want you to try their even if that means giving it free or at an extreme discount. Check out this awesome list and comment with others if you know of any. Coupons can shave thousands off of your grocery bill every year but not everyone wants to get the local newspaper every Sunday and snip and clip. Hi i am wondering if you could send me coupons for your products, i have just been diagnosed with stage1 cancer so everything i do is on a budget to pay for my doctor appointments and travel, what ever you can send would help. Thank you, Jayne and Kris Durkee 5 veasey dr, hebron, nh Trying to start using coupons, but getting them mailed to me is difficult. Any ideas for me would be greatly appreciated.

SC Johnson Coupons

Delivered by FeedBurner. Order your free coupons by mail by logging into Right at Home below using your email address. If you are not already a member then enter your email address to register - it s well worth it! Not only will you be able to enjoy great discount coupons all redeemable in Canada , you will also gain access to delicious recipes, articles, frugal living tips and tricks, as well as special product news from SC Johnson and more. You will notice that SC Johnson coupons are powered by Websaver. That means that any and all coupons ordered through RightatHome. Click "Get it now! When ready, click "Complete my order" to be redirected to WebSaver. Complete your order for free coupons by logging in to your WebSaver account. If you are not already a member then you will be given an opportunity to sign up for a free account and then complete your order.

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Last month for SC Johnson $5 rebates

Being a direct marketing junkie, I scan it for the bright, busy full-page coupon ads from:. These ads are colorful with powerful offers, great graphics and immediately involving copy. They are masterpieces of their genre. It was with astonishment that I came across a black-and-white full-page ad in PARADE looking for all the world like a personal note from a member of the Johnson family that makes well-known household products—Windex, Ziploc, Drano, Saran wrap, Fantastik and Pledge furniture wax to name a few. The body copy is set in a courier font that looks like it was generated on an ancient office Remington. At the bottom is a faded snapshot—presumably of the author—that could be the product of Kodak Brownie Box Camera from the s. Running a retro black-and-white ad amid PARADE s brash color is what they call in show business "casting against type. In Terms of Public Relations: A Masterpiece First off, this strange little vintage black-and-white effort is a stopper. This is personalization at its most brilliant. For as freelancer Richard Armstrong has pointed out:. The most important word in direct mail copy aside from "free" of course is not "you"—as many of the textbooks would have it—but "I. It is almost believable that Fisk Johnson sat down at his grandfather s battered Remington and typed a message from his heart, telling me how much five generations of the Johnson family have cared about doing what s right for me and my family in terms of supplying us with household products.

On-line couponing is the fastest growing couponing segment year over year! With over , members, GoCoupons is a key player in the Canadian digital couponing landscape. GoCoupons has recently expanded its offering to include print-at-home and mobile coupons. GoCoupons also powers digital coupon initiatives in 1-to-1 online marketing campaigns—including email and social media programs on Facebook and Twitter. GoCoupons is more than just a couponing site! The site offers our members additional value with sections for Recipes, Contests and Events. For advertisers, the site offers the collection of demographics, purchase behaviour and a database of loyal consumers, all to better benefit the brands exposure and efficacy in this new digital world. Over the years, we have worked on a variety of campaigns from product launches to continuity programs, generating awareness and trial in-store and on line. This long standing partnership is due to our renowned expertise and superior quality service.

Another good thing about the coupons that manufacturers send is that they generally have very long expiration dates. How to Ask for Coupons in the Mail I routinely look through my pantry for products that I use regularly. Most companies take personal comments or complaints very seriously. They want to know how you, the consumer, feel about their products, and will usually show their gratitude by awarding you free coupons, samples and sometimes even FREE product coupons! Some manufacturer websites have an email form, while others only an email address. You can set a goal of say, 5 companies a week. Some companies will send coupons right away, while others may take up to six weeks. Be patient. Your mailbox will soon be flooded with free manufacturer coupons. What to tell them When you contact a company, you want to be very honest with your feedback. I usually write a short note about how much I love their product, how often I use it, why I love it and how it helps me and my family. Make sure that you mention the product name. Some companies have many different products. Most manufacturers will honor you with coupons without you asking for it flat out. Be nice and objective — state the facts and let them know that you expect a better product from them.

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