Britax car seat deals canada

Britax car seat deals canada

Sign out. A car seat is a critical component of your child s safety, which makes buying the right car seat an important decision. This guide to buying a car seat outlines things you should keep in mind when considering car seat regulations, Ontario car seat laws and laws in other provinces. There are many kinds of baby car seat options to choose from including booster car seats , convertible car seats , and infant car seats. A car seat is a piece of equipment that parents should buy before their baby is born.

The Best Car Seats for Your Child’s Safety

Being a parent is an amazing experience, in both a negative and positive context. Sure, bringing home a new baby is an incredible feeling bolstered by the rush of adrenaline and endorphins from having just been a part of welcoming them into the world. Nothing can match that thrill, yet the ride quickly gets a bit bumpy. As the time to take the baby on their first car ride approaches, reality begins to set in. Did you get the right car seat? Raising a baby is a very expensive endeavor. The recent updates to this article include updating our list to include the top lightweight car seats available on the market today.

We also added a Frequently Asked Questions section to address some of the most common concerns that arise when it comes to purchasing a car seat such as the safety of lightweight car seats and whether or not facing the front or rear is the way to go. Car seats are absolutely no exception. Luckily, there is an insane number of car seats on the market , all with drastically varied price tags.

If you were to, heaven forbid, choose a cheaper model, would your child end up paying the price? Would you be a horrible parent? There are many more reasonably priced options out there that will perform every bit as well as, if not better than, some of the more expensive seats available. Many of these lower priced models even come from some of the top brands in the industry, so going cheaper can definitely be a viable solution.

Now, when it comes to choosing which one suits your needs, without necessarily trying out every seat you can find, this buying guide is your answer. The most important aspect is safety, and each of the selections on this list have that in spades. Unfortunately, that is one of the drawbacks of choosing to go a more lightweight route. Convertible car seats are highly specialized given their relatively complex nature, and as such require more materials to manufacture.

Are lightweight car seats a bad idea? Do they lack any of the safety and security of a full-sized version?. The answer to both questions is no. Lightweight car seats are going to be exactly as safe as any other seat available for sale. All car seats must pass the same safety standards before being legally cleared for sale, regardless of their weight and dimensions. This is going to be discussed in the following criteria sections, but on its own, the amount of features, or lack thereof found on a car seat is going to often be the deciding factor when it comes time to select the right seat.

Think about it for a second. When in the final stages of researching the best possible car seats, once the math is done, and once the safety ratings have been scrutinized multiple times over, any deadlock is almost always determined by what the seat has to offer as far as add-ons and other bells and whistles goes. Even though they are typically left until the end of the decision making process, most parents go into it knowing that the features will push the winner to the top. Why are features so important?

Because everything else in the selection process is a given. Safety is already determined before the search evcen begins. All child safety seats are going to provide a similar level of protection, and that level is going to exceed the current standards. They have to. The only way a certain seat in a certain category is going to cost substantially more is when the added features merit that increase. So that leaves the features. Which features are the most sought after?

Whatever the case, the additional features that the manufacturers opt to include cover a wide range of situations and preferences, and there are so any that it would be impossible to list them all. To summarize briefly, extra features included with a car seat fall under three main categories: Safety-minded, for the sake of convenience, or purely cosmetic. This is going to be fairly brief, since lightweight car seats do tend to favor one particular style, but does bear mentioning.

No matter how many different models of child safety there are on the market today, they all fall under three styles. These types of seats are the convertible seat, the booster seat, and a seat that is dedicated to either infants or toddlers. Infant car seats are the most common dedicated type of child safety seat, though like the toddler seats, these are quickly being replaced by convertible models.

Infant seats offer the support and stability that these children require. Also, infant seats are removable, as they can be attached to a base that is installed in the vehicle. Because of this ability though, it becomes very important for the seat to be as lightweight and portable as possible, while still providing the same level of protection. Convertible car seats are a very popular choice for parents everywhere, as it allows the child to grow.

Infants begin in a seat that faces the back of the vehicle, and then convert to a front-facing model when the child grows to a certain height and weight, usually around the age of two. Although the seats remain permanently installed throughout their lifespan, they still need to be light and compact in order to maximize the limited space in the vehicle.

If the seat is too heavy or bulky, it may restrict the number of additional seats that can fit, or even limit the number of passengers that can be transported. The last stage of life for a car seat is the booster. These seats remove the back and the harness, relying on the pre-existing seat belts found in the vehicle. These seats are therefore meant to literally provide the child with a boost, maximizing the safety of the seat belt while minimizing the risk of injury due to their smaller size.

Booster seats are easier to remove than convertible seats, and can be used in other applications. As such, they are often lighter in order to make them as portable as possible. Again, convertible seats appear to best suit a lightweight profile, and since they own such a large share of the car seat market, it only makes sense that they remain the focus of most manufacturers. This buying guide, or at least the vast majority of it, is all about three main brands.

Those juggernauts are Graco, EvenFlo, and Britax. There are other brands that do manage to earn a spot on the list, but that was as much for the sake of fairness and variety as anything else. However, competition is often a good thing, as it keeps the major players on their toes while forcing the industry to constantly grow and evolve. For this guide though, since the big boys make up sixty percent of the available options, the focus is going to be on them, and therefore the selection criteria takes that in to account.

First off is Graco. They are on the top of the pile, thanks to decades of knowledge, skill, and attention to detail. Joining Graco right up at the top is EvenFlo, though how they got there is a bit different. While many other manufacturers opt to copy what Graco does, EvenFlo does their own thing, often resulting in game-changing innovation. One of the biggest innovations that they can lay claim to is how they cost their seats. Their craftsmanship puts them at the top of the list is many categories, except for price.

As stated throughout this buying guide, car seats need innovation in order to perform. In fact, thanks to ever changing government regulations, they have no choice but to evolve in to safer, more functional seats. One of the best companies for pushing the envelope is Britax. As a result, Britax models stand out among the crowd, drawing consumers in with their unique design, and keeping them loyal through their safe, high quality construction. Another company that follows their own path, giving the other big two a run for their money.

Finally, price is a huge part of choosing an ideal car seat, lightweight or not. It can vary wildly, depending on what the parent is looking to get out of them. The choice of brand is probably the biggest factor, mainly because not every company produces a lightweight option for consumers. Graco, Evenflo, and Britax are the names that come up most frequently, but then again, theses brands have absolutely flooded the market with every type of car seat imaginable.

By having so many options, they are able to essentially dictate the market, and any other lesser known companies have a hard time even getting noticed. The type of seat chosen is another large factor in price. Convertible seats are going to be the more expensive options, let alone being hard to find as a lightweight model. Last up is the features that the lightweight car seat is going to need to have in order to perform to the needs of the parent.

This is everything form softer materials to multiple cup holders To many extra features, however, and the seat begins to take on weight and bulk, rendering the whole purpose of having a lightweight car seat pointless. All seats have a latch system to attach them securely, and even provide a means to attach the seat using the vehicles seat belts, and that is the only optional feature that is going to have an impact on performance.

Convertible car seat: This is a type of seat that offers a lot of versatility to the user by starting off as an infant seat, and then transitioning to a front-facing seat for older children, and then finally a booster seat toward the end of its required use. Crash tested: All child safety seats need to undergo a series of rigorous testing in order to ensure that they are able to fully protect the child in the event of an accident.

Beyond the legally required testing, car seat manufacturers can choose to subject their products to additional test, administered either by themselves or a third party. Car seat: An alternate name for a child safety seat. This seat is required in order for children from birth up to about the age of to ride safely in a vehicle. This seat is designed to protect the child in the event of an accident. Car seat base: The base remains permanently attached to the seat of the vehicle using the built in seat belt to secure it.

A harness on a car seat can be found in three point five point varieties. This is the mechanism that secures the child in place and prevents them from being thrown around in an accident. THree point harnesses are legal for use, but most manufacturers have switched to a five point system, with straps that come over both shoulders, both legs, and the crotch, all connecting together in front of the child.

The first stage of life. Children are considered infants until the age of one in many cases, or until they learn to walk on their own. The car seats that are designed to hold these very young children are outfitted with a variety of padding and other forms of support in order to cradle them more comfortably and safely. LATCH system:

Britax Car Seats

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This page lists the best car seat deals we are able find.

Your child means the world to you, and keeping him or her safe is one of your top priorities. Best Infant Car Seat in the U. To learn more of what consumers are saying about different car seats, websites like BabyGearLab. Check to see if the car seat has been crash tested to hit or go beyond federal standards for enhanced safety.

Car Seat Deals: Black Friday

We scour Amazon and other retailers to find the best bargains. This is the resource other deal pages use to find deals! What you need to know about Amazon pricing: Just adding something to your cart does not guarantee you that item at that price — you must complete the checkout process to seal the deal. Try it out and score some great deals. Looking for more info on a certain carseat or booster? We have in-depth reviews of over carseats and boosters.

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Britax: Up To 60% OFF

It is a trusted brand around the world with a focus on manufacturing car seats, strollers and carriers of the highest standards. Here at Little Canadian , we are proud to stock a variety of exciting Britax products. Looking for the incredible Britax Boulevard? We have it! With 2 layers of side impact protection, an impact absorbing base, an integrated steel frame and a V-shaped tether, it promises unrivaled protection and peace of mind. All Britax strollers have been designed to carry little ones from birth until the age of four. The Britax Holiday is their award-winning lightweight, travel stroller that weighs just 5 kgs! This is their firm favorite jogging stroller that comes with an adjustable footrest and an adjustable handle for ultimate comfort - while also allowing you to get some exercise. At the moment, the Revolution Pro is the most luxurious stroller.

Shop at the Best Price at the Right Time

Being a parent is an amazing experience, in both a negative and positive context. Sure, bringing home a new baby is an incredible feeling bolstered by the rush of adrenaline and endorphins from having just been a part of welcoming them into the world. Nothing can match that thrill, yet the ride quickly gets a bit bumpy. As the time to take the baby on their first car ride approaches, reality begins to set in. Did you get the right car seat? Raising a baby is a very expensive endeavor.

Britax Products in Canada

The best convertible car seats are dependent on features that simplify your life. Our site lists some of the best baby car seats on the market today, including infant, convertible, and booster seats. But why choose convertible? Rear-facing position: Every one of the convertible seats listed below received a score of 8. Let us do the hard work for you so your time and money is well spent. Browse our reviews to find your best car seat. When you read through the reviews, pay special attention to the things that matter to you as a parent. There is no one perfect seat.

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Every product is independently selected by editors.

We put 24 different convertible car seats to the test, independently researching and testing each model for safety, reliability, comfort, features, and ease of use. Below we quickly summarize our top 5 results, including rankings and ratings. Then we provide our comprehensive reviews of the 10 best convertible car seats that met and exceeded our expectations. Finally, toward the end of this article we detail some additional car seats that are worth considering; be sure to also check out our full car seat buying guide. Anti-rebound bar ARB in rear-facing position, Large overall weight range pounds , No-rethread harness, Triple side impact protection, Steel-reinforced frame, EPP energy-absorbing foam, Superior crash test performance, Comfortable, Easy to use, High quality fit and finish, Approved for air travel. No booster mode, Rear-facing limited to 40 pounds not 50 , Big and heavy, Expensive. Full Review: Britax USA is world-renowned for building the absolute best car seats that money can buy, combining safety and quality. And this is their highest-end model. Let s start with safety. One of only two top convertible car seats with an anti-rebound bar, a device used when the seat is rear-facing to reduce rotational forces experienced by your child in the event of an accident. Very common in Europe, the anti-rebound bar is slowly making its way onto the US market, and Britax and Baby Jogger are leading the way for anti-rebound bars on convertible car seats. But the safety doesn t end there.

Car Seat Stages: How to choose which car seat is right for you. Weight restrictions may vary by manufacturer. Contact the manufacturer for any questions. More to Explore. The features of this website require JavasScript to function. Please check your browser settings and turn on JavaScript.


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