Cinemark tinseltown concession coupons

Cinemark tinseltown concession coupons

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10 ways to save on movie theater concessions

Though most in the movie-theater space are annoyed by the way MoviePass has disrupted the business, they cannot deny that audiences love the movie-ticket-subscription model. That was evident when MoviePass changed its model dramatically last August. But MoviePass was hardly the only company to think about dabbling with a subscription model.

For years, the biggest US theater chains have been thinking of a way to offer customers a deal that would attract them to multiplexes while also making financial sense and appease the Hollywood studios. For close to a decade, AMC Theaters, the largest exhibitor in the world, has been toying behind the scenes with a subscription model. You can probably thank MoviePass popularity for why it finally unveiled A-List in June, the latest option in its Stubs customer-loyalty plan.

A week after AMC, the popular Alamo Drafthouse chain announced it would begin a beta version of its subscription model, Alamo Season Pass, at its Yonkers, New York, location soon no price has been announced yet. The one subscription service that hasn t received major attention, however, was the first by any of the big exhibitors: Cinemark s Movie Club. Plus, your one-movie credit will roll over to the next month if you don t use it.

On paper, it doesn t sound as sexy as the other deals out there, but when you take a look behind the curtain, Cinemark may have figured out a movie-ticket subscription model that can outlast its competition. If that doesn t sound as impressive as the more than 3 million people who have subscribed to MoviePass since last August, or the more than , subscribers AMC has nabbed in five weeks, here s the dirty secret about movie-ticket subscription plans: Having a lot of members can actually lose you more money, depending on the circumstances.

In the case of MoviePass, it has to pay the exhibitors the full ticket price at most theaters. And when exhibitors offer their own plans, a large percentage of those tickets sold go to the studios and distributors of the movies. Zoradi was aware of all this, and for close to eight months before Movie Club launched, his team researched a model that would be right not just for Cinemark customers but for Cinemark.

So they went out and looked at various subscription models — how the movie-theater subscription model is done in Europe unlimited plans that inspired the creation of MoviePass , how Netflix is done, gym memberships, Amazon s Audible — along with talking to consumers and the movie studios to find a deal that would work. The deal you get with Cinemark s Movie Club.

Zoradi acknowledged that talking to the studios was an interesting chat, but he got their blessing when Cinemark divulged that a concessions discount would also be in the deal, proving this wasn t just a way to sell cheaper tickets which in turn meant cheaper returns back to the studios. And what they found from moviegoers was that most wanted to go to the movies only about two times a month — but didn t want to be restricted to just that. That s when the rollover option was born.

That was a real key element. He seems extremely happy with the service. And the past year seems to have proved Cinemark did it right: Keeping away from attracting the die-hard movie buffs is the most viable path to doing monthly ticket subscription in the US. MoviePass movie-a-day model proved to be too good to be true. Its CEO was clear on that when his company changed to three movies a month earlier this week, noting that MoviePass had begun to focus on the "occasional moviegoer.

Because Zoradi had Cinemark s plan cater to the casual moviegoer from day one, his company may have become the North Star in the subscription-model craze. Jason Guerrasio. Movie Club AMC.

Why Cinemark s unsexy $ movie-theater subscription plan may actually be the one that survives

Great neighborhood movie theatre. Selection of movies is great! Popcorn is top notch! The movie My husband and I love the new seating, staff is always very pleasant, great manager This has made Always have current movies, clean with friendly staff.

It was only a legend, until now. Taraji P.

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Cinemark Coupons

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Why Cinemark s unsexy $ movie-theater subscription plan may actually be the one that survives

Jenna Marotta. On June 20, the battle was joined: Starting today, the companies offer competing subscription plans designed to increase theater attendance. MoviePass has 3 million members, but its future is uncertain at best: AMC Stubs A-List launches today, but their subscriber rolls will be bolstered by its popular loyalty program, which has more than 10 million members. In the past few days alone, Sinemia injected itself in the conversation by announcing a bevy of family plans, while Alamo Drafthouse revealed that it will beta test Alamo Season this summer at its Yonkers, NY location. Whatever may happen to MoviePass, it will have a legacy in its long-term impact. Grades were given based on how well each met its goals while staying user-friendly.

Reusable popcorn bucket is a Cinemark blockbuster

Cinema, film, popcorn: With that in mind, the Chilean branch of the American Cinemas brand wanted to reward its loyal customers with a refillable popcorn bucket and a smart customer retention action. It is an essential element of a cinema visit, and it helps them enjoy the film. A lot of our customers are frequent cinema visitors, and their loyalty deserves to be rewarded. To reward customer loyalty and boost popcorn consumption, we started looking for an innovative customer retention concept.

Cinemark to Install Luxury Lounger Recliners in Monaco Theatre

After acquiring Odeon Cinemas , UCI Cinemas , and Carmike Cinemas in , it became the largest movie theater chain in both the world and the United States, [3] with 2, screens in theatres in Europe and over 8, screens in theatres in the United States. In , Edward s son Stanley H. Durwood took control of Durwood Theatres, then a small theatre chain, when his father died. Stanley had attended Harvard University and served as a navigator in the U. My dad wasn t that organized. This marked the company s first foray into using the multiplex model. According to Variety , Stanley Durwood later claimed in that he "was standing in the lobby of his seat Roxy in Kansas City mulling over its poor grosses, when he realized he could double his box office by adding a second screen and still operate with the same size staff. The concept also provided more film choices at one location, drawing bigger crowds.

7-Eleven & Cinemark Offer Exclusive Slurpee Movie Packs

Cinemark Coupons. Shop Now. Find movies near you, view show times, watch movie trailers and buy movie tickets. Regal Cinemas offers concession coupons It must be the Christmas spirit. Join Facebook to connect with Vanessa Torrez and others you may know. Free weekly concession coupons, along with featured. Popular now: Cinemark offers discount prices on Mondays for those 62 and older. AMC Theatres Coupons:

Cinemark USA, Inc.

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The upgrades to the auditoriums, lobby, and restaurant will enable Cinemark to offer our guests the highest levels of comfort and technology for years to come. Once completed, the newly remodeled Cinemark Monaco and XD theatre will boast the latest cutting-edge technology and customer-preferred amenities, including:. Moviegoers can download the Cinemark app to view show times, purchase tickets on-the-go, and join our Connections loyalty program. Connections is a completely app-based program which rewards loyal customers with unique experiential prizes, including one-of-a-kind gifts, trips, digital downloads, and games. Guests can also use CineMode and earn rewards for being courteous during movies. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, andYouTube. Finally, customers can sign up online to receive free, weekly show time emailers that contain online coupons for discounts at the concession stand and other weekly special offers at cinemark. Cinemark is a leading domestic and international motion picture exhibitor, operating theatres with 5, screens in 41 U. For more information, go to investors. Miller Capital serves as investment manager for IMI. IMI is focused on high quality, market dominant, fashion-oriented retail properties. The IMI portfolio features some of the most dominant regional and super regional shopping centers in the United States.

Movie Theater - Cinemark Tinseltown USA and IMAX

October 6, By Coralie Leave a Comment. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. You are here: Facebook Twitter Pinterest E-mail Total: You may remember that this summer folks in Salt Lake City began having the opportunity to enjoy 7-Eleven Slurpees at the movies.

FREE weekly concession coupons at Cinemark

The only thing nicer than enjoying buttery popcorn and a new film is doing so while saving money. Through these programs, you can earn free concession upgrades, free refills and free snacks. You can check some of the best credit cards for rewards to find the right one for you. Make sure your credit score is high enough to qualify before applying for a new card. You can check two of your scores for free on Credit. This is an especially good option for families with children. Bonus sharing hack: Eliminate fighting over the popcorn, and the need to pass it around, by bringing your own bags to divvy it up. Some cinemas, like AMC, allow you to order snacks and drinks ahead of time. You can pick up your treats right before the movie. This is perfect for curbing a sudden craving to upgrade that medium-sized popcorn to a large. Some theater and cinema chains, such as Cinemark, send out weekly discounts and deals, including coupons for concessions. Most theaters have deals that package drinks and snacks together in a deal-saving combination. Apps like Groupon often offer ticket packages that come with popcorn.

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