Do amazon warehouse deals have warranty

Do amazon warehouse deals have warranty

When buying new isn t necessary or cost effective, the Amazon Warehouse Deals program offers you a chance to buy used or slightly damaged merchandise from Amazon at discount prices. While the available products fail to meet the necessary standards to be sold as new, Amazon verifies each product s functional and physical condition. Warehouse Deals is open to anyone in the United States and the buying process is the same as on the general Amazon site. Amazon Warehouse Deals offers discounts on returned, refurbished, used or warehouse-damaged items. Amazon groups the deals into nine main categories: The purchasing process for Amazon Warehouse Deals products is the same as any Fulfilled by Amazon merchant.

Discussion in [H]ot Deals Discussions started by cageymaru , May 10, Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. Log in or Sign up. Amazon Warehouse Deals is not related to Amazon? May 10, 1. Apr 10, I purchased my first steering wheel on an impulse buy from Amazon Warehouse Deals. Here is the link to the page. Link to general Amazon Warehouse Deals page. Note the diagram at the top of the page explaining how items are returned to Amazon and sold again as used.

Anyway the item was broken as the plastic on the bottom was cracked. I called Amazon and they informed me that Amazon Warehouse Deals sells items from other sellers than Amazon. That these products are NOT returns but items that 3rd party sellers have listed. Is this true? Or did I just get an uninformed customer service rep? Amazon is sending UPS out tomorrow to pick the item up free of charge and I ll get a refund as soon as they receive it. So that s no big deal.

Slightly let down that the items wasn t in working order. But still wondering why Amazon would put Amazon Warehouse Deals as the seller but the item actually came from someone else. That s bad business if they are doing that. May 10, 2. Mar 3, Amazon Warehouse Deals is Amazon s warehouse system itself I believe. As far as 3rd parties go, if it s a non-FBA merchant, then I don t think it s possible that it was a 3rd party.

However, FBA merchants merchants who are paying Amazon to warehouse, ship, pack, pick might possibly be in that boat. The difference is that a non-FBA merchant is someone like us, and the item never goes through Amazon s warehouse -- only the 3rd Party s warehouse. A FBA merchant basically is just supplying Amazon with stock and doing customer service. They pay Amazon to basically do half of the work. If you buy from a non-FBA merchant a marketplace order then basically Amazon is acting like a middleman and taking a fairly large cut of your order payment to the merchant.

So basically, I m not really sure what happens with a return on a FBA merchant. The description seems a little odd to me, but it s semi-plausible I think. Directron , May 10, May 10, 3. Jan 13, From my understanding all Warehouse Deals are items that have been returned to Amazon for some reason and then sold again as open box or used. I sometimes have seen a refurbished item. However you have to be careful because sometimes in the used section other, third-party companies are selling items as Amazon fulfilled.

No matter, if it has the Amazon Warehouse logo it should be backed by Amazon as their own item and have the same return policies as anything else they sell. I would give up on it just because of one mishap. Warehouse deals it actually a really nice place to find deals on products that are like new. And if it s not to your liking you can always send it back for a replacement or refund.

May 10, 4. Apr 17, Last edited: May 10, May 10, 5. I contacted another customer service rep and he said that they treat the Amazon Warehouse Deals as a 3rd party sale. So the first rep was correct in saying that it s not Amazon products as Amazon Warehouse Deals is a subsidiary of Amazon and not Amazon it s self. Which just seemed to be them covering their butts legally or something. Personally I was happy that they took the return hassle free.

I was just curious as to why the rep would say that Amazon and Amazon Warehouse Deals was two separate entities. And now I know why. I doubt I ll be ordering items from there again though. There has to be a good reason why it s considered 3rd party sales by Amazon. I avoid third party sales on Amazon in general; I rather go to their website and purchase it so they get maximum profit. Just me. May 10, 6. May 5, I have had good luck with Amazon Warehouse deals, but some of the items are clearly used.

I have bought a router, various household items thermostat, temperature probe, etc. Grentz , May 10, May 10, 7. May 10, 8. Sep 2, I got a Netrunner core set off of Amazon Warehouse for pretty cheap, and the only thing wrong with it was that the front of the box had a small gash in it, like it accidentally got cut with a box cutter when they were unpacking or something.

Everything inside was untouched. MavericK , May 10, May 14, 9. As a side note I tried to see if there was any warranty on the item. I didn t have high hopes, but I was curious as to what a manufacturer s response would be. Initially they were very happy to accommodate me but when they saw how much I paid for it their song changed. Thank you for the information you have sent us.

Following your Email we have determined that the product was bought at a lower price than recommended, therefore we are recommending you to have the racing wheel exchanged at the retailer. We rest at your disposal for any further inquiries. Called Thrustmaster and they said that you have to pay full retail for an item to be able to even purchase replacement parts.

Guess they are completely against sale prices! Glad Amazon has a great return policy though. I would be SOL otherwise. Guess those SquareTrade warranties are a must for all purchases I make from those type of websites in the future. If I hear anything different I ll let you ll know. Dropping off the item at a dropbox since I canceled the home pickup because I thought Thrustmaster was going to replace the item yesterday.

Small inconvenience to gain a wealth of knowledge. May 14, Wait, so because you paid less than MSRP for it, they won t honor the warranty or even allow you to buy replacement parts? That s the most absurd bullshit I ve ever heard. I d never do business with that company again. MavericK , May 14, Mar 11, I have had that happen with another auto part company autoloc with some stuff I bought from Amazon as well not just Thrustmaster. ServerKing , May 14, Apr 5, Have had good and bad luck with Warehouse Deals.

I once bought a camera lens and what I received was a completely different and much crappier lens from a different manufacturer in the correct box. Seriously, how could that pass a screening?? Luckily Amazon has been good about returns. MrSneis , May 14, Dec 15, Purchased many things through the WH deals, only had one issue and they took care of it for free. Spidey , May 14,

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Before I take the plunge, want to know if the Sony x headphone I buy from Amazon warehouse will be covered by Sony warranty in case the plastics break as is apparant in so many of them? Hello and thank you for your message!

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Returns & Warranty

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Warranty on purchase from Amazon Warehouse deal

This covers a wide variety of items and sometimes we ve gotten items that were practically new in the past. Amazon Warehouse is a great way to get even better savings than Amazon s already low regular pricing. Here you ll find deals from 3rd party vendors that are priced lower than Amazon s price, or you might find used items in like new or very good condition sold directly from Amazon itself. Some tips you might want to consider:. From Amazon in Electronics and Computers. VPN Web Hosting. Posted 71 days ago — Eric. This deal is expired. Editor s Choice.

Amazon Warehouse deals warranty?

AVS Forum articles Contests. Facebook Google Remember. Forum Jump: Old , Question is in the title. About the pull the trigger on a reciever listed as "like new" in Amazon Warehouse. My Bargain Basement Theater.

Amazon Warehouse Deals

While on the phone with Dell support, they told me that the warranty was for only 2 years. When I asked why, they told me I needed to talk to Amazon about it. I called Amazon and they could not give me any information about the warranty other than what s on the product listing page which is the standard 3 year warranty. For reference, Chris states here that Amazon Warehouse Deals should get a 3 year warranty. Go to Solution. Its possible the product was some sort of return in which the warranty clock was running. Unless you buy from Dell Outlet, they generally do not reset the warranty clock on a product. I checked the original ship date from Dell not Amazon and it s July 05, , so that would mean the warranty expiration date should be July 05, but instead it s September 25, Also, I told Dell support that I purchased the monitor on September 26, from Amazon, so it would seem that they dated it exactly 2 years from that. My comment was directed toward Amazon, not Amazon Warehouse Deals.

Amazon Warehouse opinions

We all know that Amazon is a great place for hunting the lowest prices anywhere for a particular product. But did you know you can get even more savings if you look through Amazon Warehouse Deals as well? If you don t mind used, refurbished, open-box, warehouse-damaged, and returned goods, then Amazon Warehouse Deals is your ticket for big, big discounts. Conditions range from "Refurbished," "Like New," "Very Good," all the way down to "Acceptable" and the information even includes notes on what defects or blemishes to expect on a particular item. For your added peace of mind, Amazon claims that they "thoroughly test the functional and physical condition of each item and give the product a specific grade before selling it. They are also completely backed by Amazon s return policy so you can always ship back an item within the return timeframe window if you are not satisfied. Before you dive into the wonderful world of Amazon Warehouse Deals, there are a few caveats to keep in mind. In this section, look for the seller "Amazon Warehouse Deals" the items are always marked as Prime-eligible and check if there are any "Used" or "Refurbished" prices that are within your price range.

It specialises in offering great deals on returned, warehouse-damaged, used, or refurbished products that are in good condition but do not meet Amazon.

Amazon Warehouse Deals | Deep Discounts on Used & Open-Box Products

Discussion in General Discussion started by jpaul , Jul 30, Log in or Sign up. Overclockers UK Forums. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Dismiss Notice Hey Guest, we are running a Photoshop competition with a 32" monitor as the first prize - See here for details. Amazon warehouse deals - scam to shift products with reduced warranty? Show only OP. Jul 30, at 9: Mar 1, Posts: Is some of the Amazon warehouse stock, products where they have an excess stock and are re-categorising them as used, and reducing the price, in the knowledge that warranty costs are reduced too. Had been looking at smart watches eg. Amazon themsleves seem a bit vague, talking about an A-Z satisfaction guarantee; anecdotal data on the web suggests warehouse products have a warranty of a year or 90 days - because they are used ; some folks say they have successfully registered and used the full new manufacturers warranty too. Has anyone dug into this?

What Are Warehouse Deals by Amazon?

The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you ll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase. Whether you re a geek or not, you have to admit there s something satisfying about buying something that s brand new. Even if it s something that millions of people own, like a smartphone or TV, this one is yours. It was for that reason, and a couple of others, that I was always wary of buying refurbished or open-box products — especially tech. Refurbished means it was broken, right? Isn t it just going to break again? Ditto for open-box products; if someone bought something and didn t like it, why should I?

Amazon Warehouse is a business of Amazon that sells quality used products and rents out used textbooks. We are a trusted destination for customers to find deals on used products at a discounted price. Smart shoppers can find great deals on millions of quality used products at Amazon Warehouse. Get great deals on millions of quality products. Shop used with confidence from a brand you trust. Buying used is eco-friendly. Product listings are displayed on the offer listing page for each product and are grouped to allow buyers to sort and select offerings by condition or price. Below are descriptions of the different condition types you may find for Amazon Warehouse offers. Original protective wrapping may be missing, but the original packaging is intact and in good condition with minor damage possible. Instructions are included. Used — Very Good A well-cared-for item that has seen limited use and remains in good working condition. The item may show some limited signs of wear with small scratches or cosmetic blemishes. Item may arrive with damaged packaging or be repackaged and could be missing some accessories. Missing accessories are clearly defined for each item.

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