Mommyland coupons

Mommyland coupons

Do you ever take photos while traveling and they just sit on your computer? Or maybe you put a few on social media? My family loves to look at photos of our family travels. So, when Lumaprints contacted me about their metal prints, I had just the photo in mind! This last Spring, my family traveled to Paris, France.

Mommy Land: Entering the Insanity of Motherhood

Sunday, November 29, Not Shopping with Coupons. My husband loves to save money. It s his hobby. It hurts him to spend it. So, you can imagine how Black Friday went at my house. It didn t. I bought nothing. Sorry kids, I guess Santa thought you were naughty. We call my husband Captain Coupon. He has earned this nickname. Because do not go to Target to buy toilet paper without a coupon.

Well, that is exactly what you are doing when you fail to use the coupon to buy toilet paper. All those dollars add up! Lydia, please take this seriously. Because they are stupid. They are irregular sizes and they fall out of my checkbook and they are invariably expired when I need them and they make no sense. And they are to blame for countless trips to the parking lot while leaving a full cart of crap in the store because I forgot the damn coupons in the car.

And there is always another type of toilet paper on sale that is cheaper than the kind that the coupon is for. Because I am not bad at money. I am just bad at coupons. We spent four years in Alabama and I loved it. Oh my GAWD - the food. And people really are nicer there. Though I later learned none of them could understand me because apparently I talk too fast. Two of my three terror suspects were born there.

I learned a lot: I make banana pudding. I smock dresses. I fry chicken and green tomatoes. I now somewhat understand college football. Also, you get freaky wildlife in your backyard there like armadillos and alligators and scorpions oh my! Sigh… good times] But this post is about money. I want to share some lessons learned on how to spend money without getting crap. So, technically these tips are more about crap-avoidance than saving money. I am not qualified to advise anyone on the latter even though I m a pro at the former.

Here goes: I can not abide lying. Plus, I am bad at lying to the Cap n. It is an investment in my sanity and should not be questioned. Kids will do complex offshore tax calculations for happy meals. I hate it, too. But do not question the power of the happy meal. Just use it to your own advantage. The craft store is a good place to spend money because the items purchased there help developing minds do creative, intelligence enhancing things - like not watching Dora and that damned monkey.

Plus, they have coupons. If your husband offers to take over the weekly shopping to demonstrate how it can be done better and for less money. Grocery shopping sucks. But if he does it enough, he may learn something about the magical process of how his dinner lands in front of him every night. The last time I mentioned I needed a haircut he said: The fact that I am able to type that sentence is… well, sad, but demonstrates clearly that I am not high maintenance.

I then catalogue the cost of a high maintenance wife, starting with shoes. That would be me, though I still dispute I m high maintenance, which makes Lydia laugh every single time. The Cap n would have long since made me walk the plank. And because he loves to save, he also took over groceries. Local merchants are losing money hand over fist. I blame… coupons and, to a lesser extent, the Cap n. Posted by Lydia B. Newer Post Older Post Home. Popular Posts.

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Do you know how hard it is to be m

Mommyland Coupon Book

It has come to our attention that we have a lot "mommy-speak" in our posts. We thought we would define some of our terms for those of you who wonder: What the hell is Turtle Herding ?? Who is McLovin?? So we put them all down in a list. It s kind of like the Physician s Desk Reference

But, at the end of the day, when hair smells of shampoo and they ask you once again what they had for dinner, and when you remind them, they say "oh yeah, that was goooood," you snuggle down with them in their freshly laundered sheets, listen to them recite their own version of the Lord s Prayer " And then someone farts

Tuesday, December 8, It s 8: It is 8: I am exhausted. I am unpleasant. I am very close to coming to unhinged. And I am being provoked.

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Tuesday, April 2, The Perfect Gift. Ever since they were little, the idea of buying their dad adult diapers as a gift has struck them as perhaps the funniest thing in the entire world. I have no idea why. He has no need for them. If he did, it would not be funny. But they have been fixated on this idea for years and the diapers were on sale, so they went for it.

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Display Travel Photos with Lumaprints

I depend on coupons to be able to feed my family. I make it a point of knowing the policies for the stores where I shop and take advantage of as many savings as possible. The new coupon policy states that Giant will only double one coupon per item. So if I have multiples of a coupon for the same item that I buy multiples of, they will only double the first and all the rest will be processed at face value. Thus my grocery bill will be going up. With the tanking of the economy we saw a surge of extreme couponers. Hell, they even have their own show. Some of these people have used and abused coupons finding loopholes in store policies.

Sunday, November 29, Not Shopping with Coupons. My husband loves to save money. It s his hobby. It hurts him to spend it. So, you can imagine how Black Friday went at my house.

Although I used RICE when I first started to feel pain in my foot and ankle I still had to go through a pretty invasive surgery to correct the problem. About six weeks ago I went under the knife had have been going through the amazingly slow process to become well again. I was definitely resting, since it was downright painful to get around those first few weeks. I was constantly elevated since it hurt not to be. All that was missing was the ice cream. After a long day of sitting on the couch, staring at the TV my carton of Turkey Hill All Natural ice cream gave me the pick me up I needed. I found creative ways to get my treat and lift my sprits.

Coupons have become a necessity in our house. With food prices constantly going up and no pay increases in our foreseeable future, we stretch every penny around here. I never used to coupon match, but I have seen the error in my ways and now work hard to match coupons and sale items when at all possible. It still saddens me to think of all those free and high dollar coupons I had in that old binder…But I digress. The loss of the original binder has sparked me to write this post. I guess the few of you who have been asking me to write another couponing tutorial should thank Bill for losing the book. My first binder was made almost entirely of supplies I had laying around the house. I found that when the binder is sitting in the seat of the cart the pages are harder to turn if you have those divider tabs in there. I have a very simple organizational structure to my binder…Are you ready to have your mind blown?

I became interested in couponing after watching the Extreme Couponing show on Netflix, though I could only dream of being as successful as pretty much all of those people. How can coupons be a serious matter?




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