Kits scrapbook digital freebies

Kits scrapbook digital freebies

These digital freebies are provided to you for personal use only, are the copyright of CottageArts. Try them out with your image editor to see if they are compatible. If you use these graphics in publication submissions, personal blogs, or on-line, please provide credit to CottageArts. Do not hot-link or re-distribute. Thank you! Sign-up for our What s New newsletter for new digital downloads, tutorials, freebies, sales, inspiration, and more CottageArts.

Heaps of FREE scrapbooking kits

Do you prefer your buttons threaded or not? I m sure all digital scrappers have run into this question before. I ve gotten requests before regarding how to thread a button in Photoshop. So here s a… continue reading. Bernice Kasko-Grace Lee gave me this link. When we created the Scrapaneers Society we wanted to foster our sense of community. One of the ways we try to do that is to focus on one of our members each month in a Member Spotlight. This month, we… continue reading.

Wow, you are one busy lady!!! I love the last page of your children s first year book. They change so quickly that first year. It is nice to see all of that in a quick glimpse on a single page. Yes, I just put that quote out there, but not to make you feel bad if you haven t even thought of… continue reading. That Chatbook idea is great. Or, even making your own version in a photo album with room to write before you go for a visit.

I m back with a new question. Do you scrap in chronological order? Or do you go where the story goes? And along the same lines, do you print in… continue reading. I just sort of got used to creating a book from the very beginning. I even upload to Shutterfly and create books a I go. I do not actually scrap in order. Right now I am doing December , Photo of the day , some Disney , and. Sort of? I scrap my children s baby books, and I m really far behind.

I also this year started a family yearbook, with at least one spread per month. So I m going chronologically within each book, but I m working on 2 books at once right now. I found that when I created a book for my children last year, I kept turning to Anna Aspnes s resources. I think that I used her year-in-review template. I believe that all of Manu Design Studio kits can be used for heritage pages. I used her kits to create two photos albums, one for my family heritage and one for my husband s family heritage.

I also love Anna Aspnes s products and have never used them for heritage but have used them for a Panama cruise photo book that I created. Here s my attempt at a bouquet cluster, cascade cluster and edge cluster using the Boho Wedding Bundle from Wendyp Designs and Digital Scrapbook Ingredients. Hey Everyone!!! Thank you for doing a shout out to me! This is one of my favorite places on earth to be a part of Scrapaneers.

Looking forward to start doing my art work again. Have a great day my… continue reading. Hi all thanks for the welcome, hope this is where I put this. I am from Queensland Australia, actually an island north of Brisbane. My major passions are video editing scrapbooking and teddy bear… continue reading. The only problem? So you do what we all started out doing. You open up Google and type in those three tempting words: Look at all those tempting results!

Only , results to filter through! Yep, totally have time for that! But you know what the silly thing about it is?? We pretend like we do! Some are super dated and not up to speed on the current trends and capabilities of technology now available to digital designers. Many are great, gorgeous even! But most yes, MOST are garbage. When I first started downloading freebies, I became obsessed with finding and keeping them all.

Now I started 5 years ago, and there were not near as many sites and freebies available then as there are now. But I got on this website and I spent days downloading every kit that was on it. The amount of time I spent downloading each kit, extracting it, and then sorting it into a file was insane. At that time, I had even decided that I wanted copies of each element in its own specific folder according to the type of element it was.

Not only did I have a kit folder with every single piece, but I sorted through the kit and copied and pasted every single element into a corresponding folder. Pure craziness! Like I was seriously a digital scrapbooking beginner in need of freebie overload therapy. Look at all of the folders I had sorted pieces out by:. I was so proud when I finally finished downloading all of those freebies. I remember showing my husband how organized I was and how I had sorted everything into their own neat little folders.

I thought I was pretty glamorous! I was finally ready to begin scrapbooking now that I had downloaded and created an organized copy of nearly GB of freebies onto my computer. I was ready! So I opened up my pictures folder. Where to start, where to start? I found the perfect photo that I just had to scrap with and spent an hour selecting a kit from those GB worth of freebies to start with.

The freebies were all pretty generic, so I was basically going off of color. The plastic looking buttons that must have been created in Photoshop by a beginner, looked sooooo fake when I pulled them out in full resolution. But oh well! What the heck?!? I mean they were after all, FREE! So I kept plugging away and created my page. You know why? And I deleted that sucker right off of my computer! I hated it that much.

All those days spent downloading freebies and sorting them. All that lost time just kills me! Especially because here now, years later, I look at those freebies and click delete without a second thought. They are not me, not my style, not my scrappy personality. They were a waste. For example, I found this really fun paper pack through the top Pinterest hit Google gave me. Super cute foil paper pack. So I click on it and this is where it takes me: Or the blue?

Or neither? Because these sites offer FREE scrapbooking supplies, they have to sell advertisement space on their website to help cover their costs of doing business. So even though you think the download should be easy and right there in your face, you have to search the site for a bit to find it: So much time wasted, just searching for the actual download button.

Here are a few reputable digital scrapbooking stores with amazing designers that offer freebies from their designers right in their shoppe:. Sweet Shoppe Designs. Please note, there are many other digital scrapbook design stores that house fantastic designers, but the aforementioned are the only ones I know of that offer freebies right from their shop.

If you find a designer you really love, search the designer specifically. They may very well have freebies available on their own personal blogs or websites! Many of them do, but it would be impossible to list them all here. The true purpose of a freebie should be to give you a taste of what the designer has to offer in their products for sale at their shop. If it looks enticing, you snag yourself a free sample.

Digital Scrapbook Free Download

Free Digital Kits Are you looking for some free digital kits to use in your baby scrapbook? Below is the first of many kits I plan to offer as free downloads from this website. These papers are saved in. They are print quality and saved at a high resolution of dpi.

Gymnastics Digital Scrapbooking Freebies.

This kit includes: What s inside the kit? Over pieces in all! The PDF format is in 8. Next, you ll enjoy a collection of Finally, your flight will also include

Vintage Hollywood Digital Scrapbook Kit Fan Freebie

One of the beautiful parts of scrapbooking is the ability to tell the stories that go with our photos. While journaling on a scrapbook page can be as simple as the WHO Who is It is digital scrapbooking day! I have a new digital scrapbook template in my Etsy Store and a new freebie available for you to download, too! Once upon a time, I blogged about homeschooling here. Then life got busy with little ones.

Freebies kit scrapbooking digital

Shown below are free items available from our online design shop. Simply click to download items directly to your computer. Creating a new account or login to an existing account will be required but no payment is necessary. Hurry and download your items today, they are free for a limited time only. All rights reserved. Encore and the Encore logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Encore Software, Inc. Used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Shabby Chic Digital Scrapbook Kit

Guess what I did over the New Years holiday? I finally made another free digiscrap kit! When she mentioned a chance to get a feature, I got so excited and took a break to make this HUGE kit for everyone. Thanks oodles Keren! Btw, I finally got a chance to use my absolute favorite post pretty of Kerens. You can grab it here.

Free Digital Scrapbooking Kits

Gads, it has really been a rough time for farm animals and wildlife. Not to mention the number of driving accidents across the state too numerous to mention. The neighbor children are having the time of their lives sledding down the hill, and the hoarfrost on the trees make everything look magical. Below is a photo that I took outside my bedroom window: Yes, a winter wonderland. But you see, I spent 46 years living in various parts of Alaska. I was so looking forward to much milder weather when I relocated to Oregon. Yes, Alaska is beautiful, majestic, and remote.

Books Advises

Discussion in Scrapbooking started by Lisa , Jan 1, Log in or Sign up. Jul 21, Messages: I am kind of new to to digital scrapbooking and scrapbooking in general and was wondering if anyone knew if there were any digital disney kits anywhere. I have been looking around online but have not found any. If you know of any links, please post them here Disney-ish style kits: Glenda Ketchum for purchase:

So we often use these to give them away here on our Blog to give you a taste what you can expect. But that is not all.

Free Digital Scrapbooking Kits

Here is a free full digital scrapbooking kit for you: You made my day! Thank you so much for such a happy, colorful, spring kit: Thanks for the cute kit and for the tremendous amount of work involved in producing it! What a happy kit to have, thanks. It gives me a reminder that the dreary winter days are surely going to end. Muchas gracias!!!! Thank you so much!!! Los colores son hermosos!!! Beautiful colors!!! Saludos desde Argentina… Greetings from Argentina. Thank you for this bright and cheerful kit. Great freebie!

African Vacation Freebie

Davis, Sally Beacham. You want to learn how to incorporate digital photography and printing techniques into your hobby? Here is "THE" Book! Customers Reviews: Very helpful! Worth it for the kits alonw Wonderful Book for Digital Scrapbookers

We also specialize in commercial use digital graphics for photography, web design and crafty businesses. Our Shop is filled with a huge catalog of beautiful, high-quality digital designs to match your creative needs. If you are just getting started with Photoshop, we can teach you how to advance your skills with free tutorials and video classes. Sign up for our newsletter for special offers, inspiring layouts, and a freebie in every issue. Sign up for our FREE newsletter! Latest from the Blog. Everyone loves to peek behind the artistic mask of our designers -- so come along and get to know our designers as we feature one each month in our Designer Spotlight. This month, we re turning the spotlight on Designs by Helly, who brings to Scrap Girls a love for connecting…. It s time for one of our favorite features of the month: Take 3! Three of our Creative Team members designed a layout from one collection to give you some awesome ideas for how to use the featured kit. Did you know that there s a day each year dedicated to reminding people to backup their important data? Not that one day a year is enough, in fact we should all backup important files on a daily basis. That s a tall order I know.

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